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Washington's 17th Legislative District Democrats


We are the Democrats who represent the 17th Legislative District of Washington State. Our goal is to work with local Democrats and the Washington Democratic party to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. We work to promote candidates into every position in every race who share our values and represent the Democratic voters of the 17th Legislative District. 

As Democrats, we place the well-being of the people as our highest priority. We believe in the values of community, empathy, equality, tolerance, opportunity, and the common good of the interdependent world we share. These values provide the basis for our ideals and are supported by our state and federal Constitutions.

Politically the 17th Legislative District is a lean blue district!!   


The 17th is a diverse community of small businesses, technology firms, family farms, manufacturers, places of worship, urban, and rural communities.

The next several years are so important to our district!  From school board races to state and federal races, we can make a difference working together.  The 17th Legislative District Democrats are actively working to significantly increase outreach in our communities, support our candidates, activate volunteers, re-elect our Congresswoman from the 17th LD Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, and FLIP the 17th! 

Please consider becoming a sustaining donor or donate today to help us achieve our goals! We can make a difference together! 

The 17th LD meetings are on the 4th Thursday of the month via Zoom.

Click below to become a sustaining donor or make a one-time donation to help us get Democrats elected! 


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